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Jelly offers free workspace for East Devon freelancers

The organiser of free 'Jelly' office space sessions in Sidmouth, Exmouth and Honiton is urging more freelancers and remote workers to come along to them.

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2D & 3D environment Artist, Full time Freelancer visit my website : more info : [email protected]

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Writers Community: A start-up that ensures freelancers dont get scammed

The pandemic impacted peoples lives and damaged employment at a mass scale, but India is known for its extraordinary fightback in adverse situations. Indian youngsters used the epidemic as an opportunity and introduced many creative ideas for the de…

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East of England study shows theatre freelancers hit by pandemic

A university study shows up to 70% of freelancers did not get any government support.

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Can you afford missing a paycheck? Finance tips for freelancers

(FINANCE) Freelancers who are not always promised a regular paycheck could benefit from staying on top of their finances. Here's our tips!

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Freelancer Vadym (Vadym_Orlov_art)

Vadym_Orlov_art's Portfolio and Reviews. Contact the seller on the Kwork Marketplace

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How To Give Feedback To Freelancers, Contractors And Remote Workers

Start taking your relationships with freelancers, contractors and remote workers to the next level.

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New York City sues LOfficiel magazine for failing to pay freelancers

In 2017, the French magazine LOfficiel announced the creation of an American edition, LOfficiel USA, promising coverage of haute couture, art and travel through an international prism. Over the next four years, that coverage included a series of be…

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LOfficiel Magazine Sued by New York City for Not Paying Freelancers

Two dozen workers say they are owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. The city wants to teach fashion and media a lesson.

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New York City Sues LOfficiel Magazine for Not Paying Freelancers

Two dozen workers say they are owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. The city wants to teach fashion and media a lesson.

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Ikea Makes It Easier For Students Freelancers And Part-time Workers With Its New Furniture Financing Service

Perhaps, if you are not used to reading the salmon-colored pages of the newspaper, its name does not sound familiar to you, but Ingka Group owns 90% of the

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Police Body Cam Video Shows Traffic Stop Of MSNBC Freelancer Suspected Of Following Kyle Rittenhouse Jury Bus CBS Chicago

For the first time, we are seeing police body camera video that led to MSNBC being banned from the courtroom in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Cost of builders, hairdressers and personal trainers hits all-time high

Freelancers hourly rates have risen to cover rising taxes and to make up for lost earnings

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NYC Says French Magazine Stiffed 2 Dozen Freelancers

At least 24 freelancers lost tens of thousands of dollars to the New York-based arm of a French magazine after they completed work for the publication and were never paid, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by attorneys for New York City.

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Govt project trains more than 57,000 freelancers in 8 years

The Learning and Earning project aims to generate 20 lakh jobs in the IT sector

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How To Create Digital Signature And Electronic Signature

Here's the difference between electronic signatures and digital signatures, how to create e-signatures with CocoSign, Adobe, and Word, and some frequently raised questions

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The New Dream Team: Building a Successful Team of Freelancers

Building a team of freelancers takes a good chunk of time, but can be totally worth it when you know the elements of trust and reliability are there.

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IR35 'takes the UK back to the dark ages' as freelancers leave industry

IR35 tax issues continue to plague the self-employed sector as recent changes force freelancers to abandon the industry. As the House Of Lords Finance Bill Sub-Committee review the changes, some have called for the Government to reverse certain deci…

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express review

We delve into to find out if its worth using for freelancers and companies who need to find talent.

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