Welcome to Indiependent.to.

A freelance community where we help you with your freelance journey by providing free courses from top universities, sharing real experiences from clients, all the way to finding clients.

I'm Vicente, the creator of this site. I've been a community member for more than 15 years as a musician. I'm currently running a few moderator duties such as on DEV.to, a developer community of more than 500k developers, and Coursera Philippines.

I've experienced all the hassles in starting a freelance journey. From being scammed for a job, to almost paying for an online course that had content that could be found on google.

I'm creating this site for newbies like you to not experience what I've experienced when I was starting.

More features would be added before the official launch. As of writing, I've been sending curated content via email that would help you in starting your career. You can sign up to the newsetter in this link.

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Hit me an email if you have questions or send me a message in one of my social media sites. Cheers!